HP/Progress/Stamina Bar UI - Unity Asset Store Package Review

Health and Progress Bar Pro (Mana, Stamina, Energy...) Unity Asset Store Package.

Are you in search of a versatile solution for implementing health and progress bars in your Unity project? Look no further than the Health and Progress Bar Pro (Mana, Stamina, Energy...) asset. This review guide will provide insights into the features and usability of this asset.

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Key Features

  1. Variety of Styles:

    Choose from 15 pre-designed progress bars to suit your project's aesthetic. Whether you need a horizontal, vertical, or circular bar, this asset provides the flexibility you need.

  2. Smooth Animation:

    Experience smooth and visually appealing bar animations that enhance the overall user experience. The animation adds a polished touch to your game's UI.

  3. Real-time Preview:

    Witness a preview of the final value during the animation. This feature ensures that you have a clear understanding of how the progress bars will appear in real time.

  4. Dynamic Color Options:

    Customize the colors of your progress bars dynamically. The asset allows you to adapt the color scheme to match different states or themes within your game.

  5. Flashing and Animation Effects:

    Add visual flair to your UI by incorporating flashing or animating bars on value changes. This feature brings attention to important transitions or events in your game.

  6. Customization and Extension:

    Easily tailor the progress bars to your specific needs. The asset is designed for seamless customization and extension, allowing you to create a unique look for your project.

  7. Full Source Code:

    Gain full access to the source code, empowering you to make modifications and optimizations as required. This transparency ensures that the asset aligns perfectly with your game development vision.

  8. Built with Unity UI:

    The progress bars are constructed using Unity UI, providing compatibility and integration with Unity's native UI system. This ensures a smooth and consistent user interface across your game.

  9. Examples Included:

    Explore a variety of included examples that showcase different implementations of the progress bars. These examples serve as a valuable resource to kickstart your integration process.


Health and Progress Bar Pro (Mana, Stamina, Energy...) offers a comprehensive solution for developers seeking a hassle-free way to implement stylish and functional progress bars in Unity. With its rich feature set, ease of customization, and full source code access, this asset proves to be a valuable addition to any Unity project.

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