How to Use a 4-in-1 Digital Voltmeter/Current Meter

Exploring the functionality of a 4-in-1 digital voltmeter/current meter reveals a powerful tool for measuring the power consumption of various electronic gadgets, batteries, and DC appliances. This compact device, equipped with USB A, USB C, and DC 12V ports, allows you to assess the current drawn by devices like phone chargers, USB computer mice, and more.

Using the 4-in-1 Voltmeter/Current Meter

  1. Power Supply: The voltmeter/current meter is powered directly from the current flowing from the source to the device. There's no need to turn it off as it operates in real-time.
  2. Plug and Measure: Simply plug the device you want to measure into the corresponding port (USB A, USB C, or DC 12V). The LCD display will instantly show the current consumption of the connected device.

Understanding the Display

The LCD display provides comprehensive information without the need for manual settings:

  • Voltage: Indicates the voltage of the connected device.
  • Current: Displays the current consumption in real-time.
  • Wattage: Calculates the combined wattage, especially when measuring across multiple ports simultaneously.
  • Temperature: If an external sensor is connected (available for purchase separately), the ambient temperature is displayed.

In-App Data Monitoring

Additionally, an app can be downloaded on your smartphone to monitor and record data remotely through Bluetooth.

Get a 4-in-1 Digital Voltmeter/Current Meter

If you're interested in acquiring a 4-in-1 digital voltmeter/current meter for assessing the power consumption of USB and DC devices, explore various options through this Get a 4-in-1 Digital Voltmeter/Current Meter link. It provides access to a range of these specialized testers tailored to your specific needs.


Mastering the use of this advanced digital voltmeter/current meter enables you to precisely measure and understand the power requirements of different electronic devices, making it an invaluable tool for both hobbyists and professionals.