4-in-1 Digital Tester Voltmeter and Current Meter

A 4-in-1 Digital Tester Voltmeter/Current Meter is a versatile device designed for testing electronic gadgets, batteries, and other DC appliances. This digital tester allows you to monitor voltage, current, and combined wattage and provides additional useful information such as temperature (external sensor required).

The UD18, DC5.5, and DC5525 digital voltmeter amperemeter voltage current meter acts as an ammeter detector for various DC inverters, including mobile phones, notebooks, desk lamps, routers, set-top boxes, and more. This innovative product features a color screen, Bluetooth connectivity, and 8 interfaces supporting USB, type-C, DC5.5, and micro USB.

With its ability to measure voltage and current changes during the operation/charging process, this digital tester provides valuable insights into the performance of your electronic devices. The data collected can be conveniently analyzed via Bluetooth on your mobile phone.

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