Honda Civic D Series Torque Specs

ComponentTorque (Nm)Torque (ft-lb)
A/T Tranny Drain plug3929
M/T Tranny Drain and fill plug4533
M/T Tranny Fill plug3929
Wheel Lug Nuts10880
Fuel Filter Banjo Bolt2216
Fuel Filter Service Bolt129
Clamp Bolt129
Valve Cover Bolts97
Spark Plugs1813
Cam Gear Bolt3727
Cam Cover Crown Nuts97
Crank (vibration) Damper Bolt161119
Cylinder Head Studs - 1st step3022
Cylinder Head Studs - 2nd step6649
Flywheel Bolts M/T10376
Drive Plate bolts for A/T7354
Exhaust Header Nuts to Cylinder Head3022
Exhaust Header to Downpipe Bolts4533
Intake Manifold Nuts2216
Oil Pan Bolts129
Oil Pick-up Tube Bolts2317
Oil Pump to Engine Block Bolts/Nuts129
Oil Pump Screen Bolts118
Oil Pump Cover Screws75
Oil Filter Housing Bolts129
Rocker Arm Shaft Pedestal Bolts2216
Rocker Arm Shaft End Caps Bolts129
Timing Belt Adjuster Bolt4533
Engine Block Connecting Rod Nuts3123
Main Bearings Cap Bolts - Separate Caps and Bridge6548
Main Bearings Cap Bolts - One Piece Cap Assembly4533
Water Pump Pulley Bolts129
Thermostat Housing Bolts129
Water Pump Attaching Bolts129
Fuel Injection Service Bolts - 88-90129
Fuel Injection Service Bolts - 91up1511
Throttle Body Nuts2216
Fuel Rail Nut129
Manual Transmission Countershaft Locknuts8865
Manual Transmission End Cover Bolts129
Manual Transmission Selector Arm Holder Bolts129
Manual Transmission Tranny Case to Flywheel Housing2720
Manual Transmission Tranny to Engine Bolts - 4 speed4533
Manual Transmission Tranny to Engine Bolts - 5 speed6850
Clutch Pressure Plate Bolts2619
Release Fork Bolts3022
Drive Axle/Hub Nuts182134
Brake Line to Caliper Banjo Bolts (Front/Rear)3425
Master Cylinder Mounting Nuts1511
Brake Booster Mounting Nuts129
Brake Caliper Mounting Bracket Bolts10880
Brake Caliper Mounting Guide Pins/Bolts3425

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