Meaning Behind the Word: Baldpate

Baldpate is a fascinating term with an interesting history and usage in the English language.


The word Baldpate comes from the combination of two words: ‘bald’, meaning lacking hair, and ‘pate’, which refers to the head. This word has been used historically to describe a person with a hairless or bald head.

Figurative Usage

While originally referring to a person with a bald head, Baldpate has taken on figurative meanings in literature and language. It is often used to describe someone who is naive or easily fooled. This sense of the word is derived from the idea that a person with a bald head may lack the protection or covering that hair provides, making them more vulnerable.


Here are some examples of how Baldpate is used:

  • Baldpate thought he could trust anyone, but he was often deceived.
  • In the story, the main character was a baldpate who fell for every trick in the book.


Baldpate is a word with a rich history that has evolved from its literal meaning to a figurative one, describing those who may be easily deceived or naive.