Meaning Behind the Word: Gigantism

Gigantism is a medical condition characterized by excessive growth, often resulting in abnormally large size.


Several factors contribute to gigantism, with the most common cause being an overproduction of growth hormone before the closure of the growth plates in the bones.


The symptoms of gigantism include:

  • Abnormal Height: Individuals with gigantism often surpass typical height ranges.
  • Enlarged Organs: Internal organs may also grow disproportionately.
  • Joint Pain: The excess growth can lead to joint problems and pain.

Medical Implications

While gigantism may seem fascinating, it comes with serious medical implications. It can lead to cardiovascular issues, arthritis, and a decreased life expectancy if not properly managed.


The primary treatment for gigantism involves regulating the production of growth hormones through medication or, in severe cases, surgical intervention.

Historical Significance

Throughout history, individuals with gigantism have often been subjects of curiosity and sometimes even revered. However, understanding the medical aspects is crucial to provide proper care and support.


Gigantism goes beyond the fascination with extraordinary size; it is a medical condition that requires careful attention and medical intervention for a better quality of life.