Meaning Behind the Word: Plication

Plication refers to the act of folding or pleating, often used in medical procedures or as a technique in various crafts and disciplines.


The word plication means to fold. Its roots highlight its association with folding or bending.

Medical Application

In the medical field, plication commonly refers to a surgical procedure where tissues or muscles are folded or pleated to create a desired outcome. This technique is often used in procedures such as gastric plication for weight loss or pleurodesis for treating lung conditions.

Craft and Design

Beyond medicine, plication finds application in various crafts and design disciplines. In textile arts, pleating involves folding fabric to create decorative patterns or functional structures in garments. Similarly, in origami, plication techniques are utilized to fold paper into intricate shapes and designs.


Here are some examples of plication in different contexts:

  • Gastric Plication: A surgical procedure for weight loss involving the folding of the stomach wall.
  • Pleurodesis: A medical procedure where the pleural space is obliterated by inducing a controlled inflammatory reaction, often achieved through the pleating of the pleura.
  • Pleated Skirt: A garment featuring folds or pleats for added texture and style.
  • Origami Crane: A classic example of origami art, created through precise folding and plication of paper.
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