How to Configure Advanced Sharing in Windows 10's Network and Sharing Center

The Windows 10 Network and Sharing Center provides a platform for users to manage network connections, sharing settings, and network discovery. It is integral in allowing computers on the same network to communicate and share resources. The advanced sharing settings offer deeper control over these functionalities.

Understanding Key Terms

  • Network Discovery: This feature allows a computer to find and be found by other devices on the same network. The device will be visible to others when enabled, making resource sharing seamless.
  • File and Printer Sharing: Once enabled, it lets devices share files and connected printers across the network. This is especially useful in office settings where multiple users might need access to a single printer.
  • Public Folder Sharing: A specific folder designed to be openly accessible by all users on the same network. Any file placed in this folder becomes readily available to others.
  • Password Protected Sharing: When turned on, it ensures that only users with a valid username and password can access shared resources.

Configuring Advanced Sharing Settings

  1. Press the Win + R keys together to open the Run dialog. Type the command below and press Enter. This opens the Network and Sharing Center.

    control.exe /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter
  2. In the left pane, click on Change advanced sharing settings.
  3. Choose the desired network profile: Private (home or work) or Guest or Public (networks like those in airports).
  4. Under Network Discovery, select the option to either turn on or off network discovery based on preference.
  5. Under File and Printer Sharing, choose whether to turn this feature on or off.
  6. To share files using the Public folders, navigate to Public Folder Sharing and choose the suitable option.
  7. For added security, go to Password Protected Sharing and decide whether to enable or disable it.
  8. Once the necessary adjustments are made, click on Save Changes.

Verifying Sharing Configuration

After configuring the settings, it's essential to ensure that they work as expected. Testing can be done by attempting to access the shared resources from another device on the same network. If any discrepancies are noted, it's recommended to revisit the settings and ensure that they align with the desired configuration.


Windows 10's Network and Sharing Center offers an array of tools to make resource sharing across networks both effective and secure. By understanding and adjusting the advanced sharing settings, it becomes simpler to set up a network that meets specific needs and preferences.

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