Generative Fill in Photoshop

Generative Fill is a groundbreaking suite of AI-powered capabilities for Adobe's Photoshop that taps into designers' creativity and empowers them to enhance their images effortlessly. With the power of simple text prompts, one can add, extend, or remove content from the images in a non-destructive way, achieving astonishingly realistic results that will captivate and inspire, all within a matter of seconds.

With Generative Fill, there's a range of powerful tools and capabilities available:

  1. Generate Objects: Simply select an area in the image and describe what to add or replace using a text prompt.
  2. Generate Backgrounds: Choose the background behind the subject and generate a whole new scene based on a text prompt.
  3. Extend Images: Expand the image's canvas and make a selection of the empty region. Generating without a prompt creates a seamless extension of the scene while generating with a prompt adds content to the image and extends the rest of the scene.
  4. Remove Objects: Select the object to remove, and let Generative AI technology make it disappear effortlessly.

That's just some of the features, the Generative Fill is incredibly versatile, allowing users to experiment with unique ideas, explore different concepts, and generate countless variations in an instant.

1. Generate Objects

  • Use any selection tool in Photoshop to choose the desired object or area in the image.
  • Access Generative Fill by selecting the button in the contextual taskbar or using the available options in the application bar or the right-click menu.
  • Describe what to add in the text prompt box and click Generate to see thumbnail previews of the generated variations in the Properties Panel or Generative Fill dialog.

2. Generate Backgrounds

  • Select the background behind the subject.
  • Follow the steps outlined in Generate Objects to generate a new scene based on a text prompt.

3. Extend Images

  • Use the Crop tool to extend the image's canvas size.
  • Select the extra canvas using the Rectangular Marquee Tool.
  • Follow the steps mentioned in Generate Objects to apply Generative Fill to the extended region.

4. Remove Objects

  • Select the object(s) to remove.
  • Leave the text-entry prompt box blank and click Generate to make the selection disappear using the surrounding image pixels.

Benefits of Using Generative Fill

  • Achieve realistic and astonishing results quickly by using simple text prompts.
  • Boost the creative process by generating multiple variations rapidly.
  • Maintain full control over creativity and outputs within Photoshop.
  • Powered by Adobe Firefly, ensuring commercial safety and respecting intellectual property.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Usage

  • Write concise and descriptive text prompts for better results.
  • Utilize layers in Photoshop for non-destructive editing and combining generated images.
  • Ensure the selection has enough pixels for effective image extension.
  • Leverage the comprehensive tools in Photoshop to further enhance the images.
  • Get inspired by the Adobe Firefly Gallery and share your creations to inspire others.


Generative Fill is a game-changing feature in Photoshop that leverages the power of AI to revolutionize image editing. With its versatile capabilities, such as generating objects/backgrounds, extending images, and removing objects, Generative Fill provides an intuitive and efficient way to enhance the images creatively. By using simple text prompts, designers can unlock a world of possibilities and achieve stunning results that were once time-consuming and tedious. With Generative Fill, the boundaries of the imagination are expanded, allowing users to explore new concepts, experiment with unique ideas, and produce countless variations effortlessly. Whether someone's a professional artist or an aspiring enthusiast, Generative Fill transforms images in ways that will surprise, delight, and astound the public. Embrace the future of image editing with Generative Fill and unleash creativity like never before.

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