Farm Zombies | Making of 2D Platformer Game in Unity

In this post, I will be documenting the development process of the game Farm Zombies - a 2D platformer in Unity (the link to the source project is available at the end of the post).


Week 1

Before I decided on the name of the game, I started by creating the main character in Photoshop. I decided to go with a pixel art character:

The character ended up resembling a farmer, so I decided to go with the name Farm Zombies.

To justify having the 'Zombies' in the name I went ahead and created the enemies, which are in fact, zombies:

To speed up the development process I used this 2D Player Controller.

Now with the Player and Enemies being ready, I moved to create a first level, which I decided to make Farm themed. So I got to work making all the sprites necessary for the level:

Some of the elements are tile-based such as the ground and the trees, with the rest of the details being fixed-size sprites:

The level ended up containing 4 types of obstacles: spikes, zombies, swinging axes, and ground holes:

The green flag signalizes the end of the level:

And lastly, I created the on-screen labels using UI Canvas to show when the player dies and also an indication of what button to press to restart the level:

Week 2

In the second week, I started by creating a new Level. I decided to go with a medieval-themed level.

I went ahead and created 3 new tile sprites and one detail sprite (torch and flames):

The level is situated inside a castle with torches on the wall and the same obstacles as the first level (spikes, zombies, swinging axes, and ground holes).

Now it's time to put it all together by making the Main Menu with a Level selection.

I began by creating a new Scene and then started designing the menu title and buttons. Below is the result:

WebGL Demo

📁FarmZombies.unitypackage1.41 MB
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