The Billboard Generator for Unity

Billboard generator ("Billboard Mage 1.0") is an editor extension for Unity that allows for quick and easy billboard asset generation.

Billboard is a method of optimization that involves rendering complex objects into a quad mesh that is always facing the camera and is commonly used in combination with the Level of Detail (LOD) for improving the rendering performance.

Billboard Mage 1.0

Below are a few screenshots of this tool in action:

Billboard Mage 1.0 Pine Tree 3D model to a quad mesh

  • A Scene with a lot of repetitive meshes (Notice the low frame rate):

Unity stats tab before LOD optimization

Unity wireframe render of a Scene before optimization

  • After creating LOD groups with generated billboards:

Unity wireframe render of a Scene after optimization

Unity Scene after optimization

Unity stats tab after LOD optimization

  • Video demonstration:

  • How to use Billboard Mage 1.0:

  • The .unitypackage link is available below (Recommended Unity version 2021.3.14f1 or higher).
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